Vision –   “Serving mankind through technology”

Mission –   We are a Delaware clean-tech company producing revenues since 2018 and passionate about creating technologies to generate valuable biomass derived products from waste and Co2 warming gas such as:


Our AlgaStar Inc. US patented bioreactor technologies will grow various alga  that can be converted into “bio-oil” which can be further refined into renewable biofuels, bio-chemicals and nutraceuticals like: Omega 3 oil valued at $300 to $700 per gallon as a food additive for nutrition.

Various forms of algae like Lyngba that can be grown to produce very expensive active biological chemicals that treat various cancer ailments in the medical/pharmaceutical industry selling at $1000 per milliliter.

Expensive cosmetics use chemicals extracted from algae to promote healthy skin and have UV-blocking properties selling at $1000 per liquid liter.


A recent analysis by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) states that “businesses will uncover billions in hidden profits from climate change action.”

“Corporations must act now not only to address environmental risk, but also to aid economic recovery in the United States and build resilience. Investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy saves cost, stimulates innovation, creates jobs and builds energy independence and security.”

Massive Problem – Incredible $$ Potential

$15.0 to $21.5 million in the 3rd year of commercial production.

The U.S. Departments of Energy and Agriculture (DOE/A) have stated that the long-term commercial potential of algae-based food and fuel products would reach hundreds of billions of dollars in the next two decades as the world population. grows at over 100 million new inhabitants per year. Land resources for crop production are diminishing due to global warming and diminishing fresh water resources. DOE/A says algae production for food can be far more efficient and reliable than animal or field crops in the future.

Many countries worldwide are searching for ways to reduce harmful carbon dioxide (Co2) emissions, which plague our planet ecosystems and promotes global warming.

AlgaStar’s 200-unit SolarMagnatron™ Symbiotic Energy System (SES) plant converts up to 196,000 tons of harmful Co2 per year into valuable bioproducts and also earns up to $36 per ton in marketable Carbon Credits worth $6.5 million.

These carbon credits add largely to the SES plant revenue resulting from $15.0 to $21.5 million in the 3rd year of commercial production

196,000 tons

Harmful Co2 converted per year

$6,500,000 Million

Carbon Credits

$15 to $21.5 million

Net Revenue

Symbiotic Energy System (SES)

Our proposed SolarMagnatron™ Symbiotic Energy System (SES) plant will be a complete Co2 conversion-to-algae biomass-to bio-products solution.

The SES symbiotic relationship combines several technologies that work together to capture thousands of tons of harmful Co2 gas that is converted into energy/chemical-rich algal biomass that is processed into biofuels and valuable chemicals.

  • Algae-based biofuels

  • Fine chemicals for cosmetics

  • Nutraceuticals & Pharmaceuticals

  • Food for fish, aquatic organisms, livestock feed supplement

$3 Trillion Market | $5-10 Billion Market by 2022

Sources: Department of Energy & Greener Dawn Research

Ground-breaking Solution to Pollution

AlgaStar’s principal and inventor, Mr. John D. Ericsson, answered the DOE and the National Alliance for Advanced BioFuels and Bio-products (NAABB) published call for creating an algae biomass production system that could generate biofuels and other valuable bioproducts. Subsequently, he built and tested his commercial-scale breakthrough closed, air-lift algae bioreactor system, named the SolarMagnatron™ (SM) in NW Florida. The unit stands 15’ tall, is 7.5’ in diameter and produces 18,000 liters of biomass.

SolarMagnatron™ BioReactor

The SolarMagnatron™ operates as a controlled, closed system and incorporates many new innovations that converts thousands of tons of harmful Co2 per year into valuable products and can turbo charges algal biomass production by 300% to 600% over any other technology.

US patented # 8,569,050 B1 SolarMagnatron™ and BioStim™ System


AlgaStar, is a commercial development staged company producing revenues since 2018. The company focuses on the cultivation of patent-protected algal and other microorganism biomass technology under development with assistance by Los Alamos National Lab, NASA Kennedy Space Center, Florida A&M and Applied Research Associates (ARA).

During 2015 to 2018, we competed and won over $250,000 in New Mexico Small Business Assistance (NMSBA) grants to help develop the BioStim™ electromagnetic biostimulation system at Los Alamos National Lab (LANL). Additional NMSBA grants for BioStim™ are expected in 2020 at LANL.

In early 2018, AlgaStar won a highly competitive State of Florida-funded, 20-month, Renewable Energy and Energy-Efficient Technologies (REET) research grant for $399,000 with over $600,000 in added matching contributions partnering with: Florida A&M University, NASA at Kennedy Space Center and ARA Labs, a leading US R&D/engineering firm. BioStim™ has been successfully tested at Florida A&M to increase selected algae growth by over 600% in just 6 days of electromagnetic stimulation. This spectacular achievement in biostimulation research of microorganisms is the first known development in turbo charging the growth of algae with rare earth magnetic energy that could:

  • Focus on studying the cause and effect of electromagnetic energy utilizing our BioStim™ electromagnetic biostimulation research system for turbo-charging growth rates while growing cyanobacteria and microalgae into valuable biochemical products.
  • Utilize a supply of waste water nutrients from sewage treatment plants as a free nutrient resource for biomass production.
  • Be used for future Earth, Space and Mars biomass production of pure oxygen,
    fuel, food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products to sustain our growing civilization.

Demand for algal-based fuels, chemicals and feedstocks are not only driven by the desire for lower cost, but also a smaller carbon footprint that can be created by our SolarMagnatron™ in a SES plant that
converts thousands of tons of harmful Co2 daily into useful and valuable products.

Los Alamos National Laboratory

In 2017, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) scientists reported a 30% biomass growth increase in certain algae with microwave biostimulation and they are expected to be continuing these BioStim™ developments into 2020.

Florida A&M University

Our growth stimulation studies currently being conducted with AlgaStar at Florida A&M University, has resulted in over 600% biomass growth increase utilizing a scientific breakthrough created by the use of rare earth magnetic energy.

University of Western Ontario

Our affiliated research scientist at the University of Western Ontario has verified our own research, which resulted in 374% biomass growth increase and 173% increase in lipid oils in algae by static magnetic energy stimulation.

Market Opportunity
Earth, Space & Mars

Our Earth, Space and Mars biomass conversion technologies will become massive as planet Earth’s resources evolve toward supporting currently over 100 million new inhabitants per year arriving upon the planet. All will require food, fuel, nutrients, drugs and life support.

All these same issues require resolution while sending deep space explorers and planet Mars colonizers to establish a livable environment by converting Co2 into pure oxygen, producing food, fuel, nutrients and drugs by growing various microorganisms known for producing these survival requirements, which will require enclosed bioreactors with our patented BioStim™ technology.

A Photobioreactor on the International Space Station converts carbon dioxide into oxygen
and edible algae biomass through photosynthesis.

Hybrid life support system Photobioreactor (PBR) on the ISS
View Video about Hybrid Life Support System 

According to the U.S. Department of Energy and Pike Research, the long-term commercial potential of Earth’s required food, algal fuel and other high-value co-products is as high as $3 trillion.

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