Business Model – Revenue Streams

$15 to $21.5 million in 200-unit SM plant revenues
3rd yr. plus 12.5% royalties – BioStim™
ROI 3.5 years

When commercialized, our breakthrough biosystem technologies will:

Help to create a very profitable biomass production platform with the third year 200-unit SM plant net revenue projecting over $15 to $21.5 million in net revenues w/ ROI in 3.5 yrs.

Pave the way for us to build our own 200-unit SM plant with approximately one million gallons in continuous biomass production.

Generate royalty income from the use of our BioStim™ commercialized systems for increasing biomass in third-party biomass and fermentation/ brewing companies.

$ 15 to $ 21.5 million

Net Revenue

3.5 Years


12.5% - 25%

Royalty Income

Competitive Overview

None Like Ours

AlgaStar does not have the usual crop of competitors because of its US patented SolarMagnatron™ bioreactor system with BioStim™ and the Symbiotic Energy System that consumes thousands of tons of harmful Co2 per day while producing valuable bioproducts. In fact, we’d argue that our solution is so unique, we don’t have any direct competition. But if you look at the few others that exist, the results aren’t on par with what we can produce with our much greater environmental
impact by converting Co2 into valuable products.

Cyanotech, a public company in Hawaii, producing astaxanthin but without BioStim™ electromagnetic biostimulation or our SES level of commercial scale Co2 conversion via the environmentally controlled enclosed bioreactor system.

Most of the growing occurs within open pond/raceway systems, which are very unpredictable due to bio-contamination/ predator organisms /climatic control and other bio-security problems like sandstorms.

Unlike the SolarMagnatron™ pictured above, conventional
pond based algae farms require one hundred acres of surface area to achieve the same level of algae biomass production from just one 200-unit SolarMagnatron™ plant located on five acres.

None of the Cyanotech type producers as shown above, are large enough to capture major positions
in the rapidly growing world markets for these valuable diversified biochemical and bio-oil products.

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