Earth, Space and Mars Cultivation of Microorganism Biomass

Our Vision

We are passionate about creating technologies to generate valuable biomass derived products.

Our Mission

Serving mankind through technology

Huge scientific breakthrough!

630% algae biomass increase
in 6 days with magnets!

AlgaStar Inc. is a disruptive technology development company commercializing algae cultivation systems and growth turbocharging technologies that can grow algal biomass for biofuels, food, drugs and cosmetic products.

Our Co2 conversion technologies under development as the Symbiotic Energy System (SES) will consume thousands of tons of Earth warming gases to produce valuable products.

AlgaStar’s patented SolarMagnatron™ bioreactor system can be easily adapted to grow various strains of algae in salt, fresh and nutrient rich municipal wastewater to produce valuable “green” products.

Algae derived bio-products are expected to develop into a new billion-dollar market by 2030. (DOE/USDA)

To the best of our knowledge, we are the only company to successfully develop the US patented BioStim™ rare-earth magnet powered Electromagnetic biostimulation system to turbocharge algae growth. This scientific breakthrough was recently verified during 2019 in a Florida funded BioStim™ study at Florida A&M university.

This recent R&D event gives us a significant competitive advantage and opens a huge revenue gateway to add our proven technologies, on a royalty fee basis, to other algae bioproduct development companies like ExxonMobil.


“Provide our future clients with advanced algae cultivation technologies developed, tested and proven to maximize profits”

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