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SolarMagnatron™ and BioStim™ Systems

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The patented SolarMagnatron™ equipped will convert thousands of tons of C02  to produce turbo charged biomass production of chemical rich organisms that process into valuable biofuels, biochemicals and pharmaceutical products. Projected to generate over  $15 million by the third year of commercial production.
ROI=3.5  yrs.

“US patented” BioStim™ system utilizes low-power, safe levels of static-magnetic energy fields (EMF) to determine the types of energy that is required for commercially growing various micro organisms in our SM or licensed to others for a increased productivity royalty payments at 12.5 to 25% of  product increase.

The BioStim™ system studies currently ongoing at FAMU with AlgaStar, measures the cause and effect of electromagnetic energy that has recently been found to increase the growth rate of many algae. Yeast and bacteria have also been previously studied and found to be candidates for growth turbocharging in the brewing and drug production industries.

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