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AlgaStar/BioStim And Los Alamos National Laboratory Renew Research

  A research team at AlgaStar Inc., a Florida-based biomass R&D cultivation company, reported to the Algae Biomass Summit in 2014 that electromagnetic field (EMF) biostimulation had yielded a 300 percent biomass growth increase and 174 percent increase in lipid oil content in several alga samples over controlled growth conditions. Part of this research is […]

Does Biostimulation Accelerate Algae Growth (Los Alamos Daily Post)

Does Biostimulation Accelerate Algae Growth? Algae and bacteria are the fastest growing organisms on our planet. A single algae cell can produce over one million daughter cells in one day. Is this fast enough? All algae producers are limited by sustainable biomass accumulation. Growth rates impact both capital and operational costs. A 20 percent increase […]