The Model

AlgaStar intends to license its technology and may own and operate algal biomass farms and/or processing plants.  With this goal in mind, we intend to complete a pilot project and a demonstration scale project as a proof-of-concept and design, plus a business development tool.  As described above, some strategic alliances will emerge between multiple companies that own solutions in different parts of the equipment and technology value chain (e.g., an algal bioreactor manufacturer, algal dewatering technology, oil extraction system, downstream fuel marketer).  We also anticipate revenues from patent royalties or other forms of income or benefits derived from the potential results of our successful research and development activities.

Next: The PromiseScreen Shot 2013-03-18 at 10.01.49 PMOur goal is to provide our future consumers with advanced algae cultivation technologies developed, tested and proven to maximize profits in producing high value products utilizing sustainable and environmentally friendly systems.

Additional information available upon request, just send an email to or request access to our full profile on GUST.

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