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A unique opportunity

AlgaStar, Inc. has designed and built a patent-approved bioreactor named SolarMagnatronTM (SM) that allows for continuous production of bio-oil and algae biomass on a profitable commercial scale.  This technology enables the production of renewable biofuels as well as valuable chemicals used in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and food products.  The most unique features of our compact, highly efficient, bio-reactor system are the distinctive addition of electromagnetic and microwave energy that boost algae growth and potentially makes algae cultivation economically viable.  Our leading-edge SolarMagnatron™ bioreactor gives AlgaStar a significant technological advantage to build profitable commercial-scale plants to produce renewable algae fuels and other valuable chemical and nutraceutical products.

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Our goal is to provide our future consumers with advanced algae cultivation technologies developed, tested and proven to maximize profits in producing high value products utilizing sustainable and environmentally friendly systems.

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