Our Competitive Advantage

At least 16 closed-system photo-bioreactor companies have launched in the last 60 months. To our knowledge, no competing technology has yet reached our level of commercial-scale production. Our experience with commercial scale production provides a competitive advantage over competitors with scale-up claims derived from ideal laboratory conditions. By utilizing our novel technology for biostimulation, we are able to turbo-charge algae growth in excess of 300% over current methods without using additional nutrients or fertilizers. Moreover, AlgaStar’s integrated Symbiotic Energy System overcomes numerous process challenges confronting the current algal industry by integrating most key steps in algae cultivation: CO2 capture, cultivation, harvesting, and oil extraction in a land efficient footprint. Our ability to combine the most relevant complementary proprietary technologies results in a system greater than the sum of its parts.

Next: The ModelScreen Shot 2013-07-09 at 2.08.43 PMOur goal is to provide our future consumers with advanced algae cultivation technologies developed, tested and proven to maximize profits in producing high value products utilizing sustainable and environmentally friendly systems.

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