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Since October 2008, AlgaStar and its affiliate’s personnel have been active in the research, development, construction, and validation of a working prototype of our proprietary biostimulation methods and patented algae bioreactor named SolarMagnatronTM, and the associated control and biostimulation systems, identifying algal strains, testing and adjusting the functionality of the system design along with laboratory algae production and biomass conversion to bio-oil studies.  During this time, we have also entered into various teaming agreements to add complementary technologies to our SolarMagnatronTM bio-reactor to create what we have named the Symbiotic Energy System, or “SES” Project. Our SES Project is intended to generate energy-rich algae for biofuel and chemical production as well as mitigate air pollution emissions by utilizing collaborative technology to recycle waste CO2 and other pollutants into food and nutrients to grow algae biomass within our bio-reactor system.

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Our goal is to provide our future consumers with advanced algae cultivation technologies developed, tested and proven to maximize profits in producing high value products utilizing sustainable and environmentally friendly systems.

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